Jeffrey Chan is a freelance photographer from Toronto (Canada) traveling the world.

He has self-published a photography coffee table book, entitled Everyday Africa, detailing a five month overland journey from Cairo to Cape Town.

From a young age, he was introduced to world travel during holidays to Hong Kong and Australia to visit relatives. The long haul flights showed him that the world is a big place, which is made small by simply boarding an airplane.

These holidays peaked his curiosity about world geography and during elementary school recess, he would study the world atlas and dream of all the incredible, amazing places he could one day visit. His mother gave him a subscription to National Geographic for his birthday one year, which would only further spur his wonderment of the world. On his bedroom wall, there was a map of the world with push pins marking all the cities and countries he wanted to visit.

In university, there were a few more opportunities to see the world with holidays to Japan, Tahiti and England, but after his studies were completed, he would seize every opportunity to travel some place he'd always dreamed of. After graduation, he would visit China, to learn more about his family's history and background, and Europe, to do a regrettable 18 to 35 year old party bus tour, where at most one or two nights are spent in each destination.

Upon graduation from university, Jeffrey decided to teach English in Japan for a year. There he had the opportunity to explore more of Japan, and enjoy holidays in the Maldives, Malaysia and Thailand.

In subsequent years, there were further travels to Bermuda, Greece, France, Spain, Brazil, Panama, Bali, India, Namibia, Botswana, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Morocco, South Korea and South Africa.

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